Hi everyone!

Back with another post this week following some work I've been doing with my clients Richard and Craig from WootonandBean.co.uk. They came to me seeking advice on social media marketing and some effective strategies they could use to drive traffic to their website. Here's my top 3 tips for effective social media marketing.

1. Define your target demographic!

This is absoloutley crucial and should be completed before you even thinking about creating marketing material, campaigns or social media profiles. To define your demographic you need to ask yourself some key questions:

- Where does my target market live?

- What industry do they work in?

- How do they get their information (Which socials do they use)?

- What pushes them to make purchasing decisions?

- How can you best reach your target demographic?

- How do they communicate?

These are only some examples of the questions you should be asking yourself but once you have, you should have a detailed understanding of who your target demographic is, what influences the decisions they make and where they get their information from. You can then plan precise and effective social media marketing campaigns using this information.

2. Think outside the box and consider current trends

We've all seen the generic advertisements on social media for companies I won't name, featuring bland stock images with no thought around the message they're actually trying to get out to their potential customers and no clear means of actually contacting said business.

When creating social media content I always consider what I call, the 3 c's.


Do I have the key information on my posts to get my message across? How am I capturing that person's attention? What am I selling/offering my potential customers? How do they access what I am selling/offering?


It should be short, snappy and to the point. No one wants to read lines and lines of text on social media. The average person spends just 3 seconds looking at a post on Facebook before scrolling onto the next one. Consider this when creating your own content.


This is how your potential customers are going to get in contact with you to potentially use your services so that information should be clearly displayed on all social posts/pages. On Facebook and Instagram you can even link your website or contact forms to action buttons, to make it even easier! Make use of these.

3. Consistency is key

This is something that I myself am working on improving! Being consistent with your social media marketing and interaction with your potential customers/local community is key to ensuring your brand is at the forefront of their thinking when they need a service you offer!


Ultimately, social media can be extremely daunting but by following logical steps, being creative and consistent you will get the wheel moving and start to captivate your audience.

During the covid-19 epidemic we are pledging free advice on all aspects of social media marketing, website design and eCommerce consultancy to business owners and managers who need a helping hand. Please get in touch with me directly through email: info@pavodesigns.co.uk

- Tom

Finally, the blog is live!

I'd like to say to any new readers to the blog, whether you are a budding web designer, a business owner, a curious Googler or just on your lunch break... Welcome!

I've wanted to start a blog for quite a while to help to other aspiring entrepreneurs and show them that setting up and running your own business can actually be a reality, even if the idea of using a computer, doing your own tax returns, phoning potential clients is daunting!

As someone who is interested in technical innovation, there will be an aspect of that included in these blogs as well as useful tips and tricks and some business hacks, that I've found to be really beneficial to myself while setting up my own business. I'm also really keen to have some feature articles from other business owners/professionals who can offer advice specific to their fields.

I'm aiming to publish at least one blog per week and will notify you when they're published on the social media accounts, so if you haven't already, give Pavo Designs a like on Facebook!

- Tom