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Initiate Blog.

Finally, the blog is live!

I'd like to say to any new readers to the blog, whether you are a budding web designer, a business owner, a curious Googler or just on your lunch break... Welcome!

I've wanted to start a blog for quite a while to help to other aspiring entrepreneurs and show them that setting up and running your own business can actually be a reality, even if the idea of using a computer, doing your own tax returns, phoning potential clients is daunting!

As someone who is interested in technical innovation, there will be an aspect of that included in these blogs as well as useful tips and tricks and some business hacks, that I've found to be really beneficial to myself while setting up my own business. I'm also really keen to have some feature articles from other business owners/professionals who can offer advice specific to their fields.

I'm aiming to publish at least one blog per week and will notify you when they're published on the social media accounts, so if you haven't already, give Pavo Designs a like on Facebook!

- Tom

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